Studio M

Shannon Dempsey

Acrylic Assemblage Charcoal Drawing Mixed Media Painting Paper Wood

Shannon Dempsey is inspired by the intersection where opposites meet and overlap. Her own experiences growing up in a bicultural household have informed her belief of balance as a phenomenon of two opposites not only existing in harmony, but also as a part of one another.

Her work stems from a foundational practice of drawing and painting from observation, but she also explores other materials, including but not limited to leather, wood, deconstructed canvas, and plaster.

Shannon was born and raised in Rochester, NY; where she received her BA in Studio arts at the University of Rochester. She is currently based in Houston, Texas, where she works as a user experience designer during the day, and creates art at night. Thanks to her experiences as a UX designer, she is always creating with the viewer in mind and encourages patrons to express their own interpretation of her work. She believes that the power of art lies in the viewer’s intuitive response.

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”
― Cesar A. Cruz