Donald Tucker – Founder of Hardy and Nance Studios


Hardy & Nance Studios is unique in that it is all about the art and artists. Like them, it is just a little off beat and can be wonderfully surprising. With a wide range of studio sizes and configurations, it has, for the past decade, been home to artists of every style and medium – painting, sculpting, wood working, photography, jewelry, fabric, digital art, mixed media, illustration, videography – just about every visual media has been in residence at some time. And the mix has made for a remarkable and energetic community unlike any other in town.

It is also worth noting that the building is located in Houston’s historic, downtown Art Warehouse District. Some of the buildings in this area have been home to area artists for as many as 60 to 70 years, putting it among the oldest remaining urban art colonies in America.

All the activities and events at Hardy & Nance are the product of the artists themselves, including the Open Studio events.