Studio 3

Miche Gim

Painter with a Concentration in Watercolor


Mixed Media Painting Watercolor

Miche Gim is a Korean – American artist based in Houston, TX. Gim developed a passion for visual arts during her formative years and began her journey as a self-taught artist who refined her skills by studying studio art from 2012 – 2015. She aims to create significant meanings by utilizing flowers and figures, as both can convey intense emotions and stories that the viewer can resonate with. Gim believes that humans and nature are one and the same, and aims to convey the circle of life in her works. The paintings are meant to resonate a peaceful and harmonic emotion by utilizing soft and vibrant colors, but if viewers look closely the hidden messages within the paintings become exposed. Gim hopes that viewers can see the paintings as grounding forces of self-expression and catharsis.

During the years of 2013 – 2015, Gim participated in annual art auctions and took a break from painting to focus on attending university. She is now ready to get in touch with her inner artist and share with the world.