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Acrylic Collage Mixed Media Oil Painting Pastel Wood

Naz Kaya was born in 1974 in Ankara, Turkey. Her studies took her to Bilkent University where she earned her Master of Fine Arts degree in Interior Architecture & Environmental Design. She went on to complete her PhD in 2001 at Oklahoma State University where she received her doctorate in Environmental Design. After finishing her studies, she accepted an assistant professor position in 2006 at the University of Georgia, where she received tenure as an associate professor specializing in color and design. In 2006, Naz moved to Houston to work with a top-tier design and architecture firm and to further enrich her art career. She began exhibiting her art at juried exhibitions and enrolled in a painting course at the Glassell School of Art. Later, in 2010, Naz moved to Jakarta Indonesia where she committed to art and painting full-time. During her stay in Indonesia, she travelled around the Far East Asia. Her first solo exhibition called “Inspiration: Transition” was a great success and several galleries, including the Maya Gallery, took notice of Naz’s exceptional talent. In the same year, Maya Gallery displayed Naz’s art in Singapore, where her art was well received. Coming back, Naz now resides in Houston where she owns and operates her studio, Kaya’s Studio. Continuing her passion for art education, Naz teaches art in the public school setting, along with private lessons. She enjoys sharing her knowledge while encouraging her students to find their own self-expression.

As an abstract and expressionist artist, Naz shares her emotions and thoughts through vibrant colors, distinct shapes, and complex geometry. With every color placement, you can visualize and see emotion through her paintings. A firm believer in karma and finding your inner spirituality, she shares a glimpse inside her life experiences—from the early stages in her life and to now. Naz describes herself as having a visual library in her mind which she applies to the canvas. Her use of bold colors, which sometimes contrast and sometimes are in perfect harmony, evoke strong emotion and nostalgia in the viewer. The placement and design of the geometry in the paintings also offer a sense of balance and direction to the emotional ride. Her art invites the viewer to experience emotions and tastes of color long forgotten and remembered once again. In her most recent work, Naz explores and shares her journey of self-discovery and redefining her own path. She explores her emotions from early childhood and to now as a single mother. You’ll find symbolism is her work throughout, representing emotional healing and new beginnings.