Studio N

Francesca Bayegan

Fallen royalty


Mixed Media Painting Paper

Fallen Royalty centers on  nothingness /emptiness as a conduit to reveal an aesthetic experience. This concept was created by Francesca Bayegan, an artist and educator with a background in philosophy and the history of  architecture. The process of making art and studying art are symbiotic. Fallen Royalty artworks are made through extensive research of art and architecture before the actual painting process begins. The body of work is influenced heavily on medieval architecture and ruines, painted  in the manner of manuscript paintings and Pompeian illusionistic fresco. The new series explores the line-work of renaissance drawings as a means of capturing elements of geological decay such as ice cracks, mud flows and planetary surfaces as well as trash bags manipulated in water. The objective is to produce a pictorial problem solving response in the viewer, one may question if the painting is in production or falling into decay, through the use of repeated linear motives the works appear to be self generating as though by computer design system, this invites a dialogue between classical design principles and the purity of technology and machinery.