Studio 18

Heather Gordy

Painter, Illustrator and Graphic Designer


Acrylic Drawing Gouache Illustration Ink Mixed Media Painting Watercolor

Heather Gordy is a Houston artist that works predominantly in the mediums of acrylic paint and ink. She obtained a degree in Art Animation and Design from The Art Institute of Houston, and is currently working in the graphic arts field.

Over the years, I have discovered a true passion for color and create pieces primarily using acrylics and inks. The myriad of flora and fauna represented in my art are often times executed in vivid hues and contain patterned details. This lends each piece a dreamlike quality, rooted in reality. On the surface these works may seem very literal but beneath the bold colors and strong compositions, there is a deeper meaning. The flowers, animals, and insects I choose have special significance and using those, I create images that allow the viewer a chance to find their own meaning in the art.