Studio 16

Elizabeth Greer


Acrylic Mixed Media

Elizabeth Greer is an abstract artist who works predominantly in large-scale, acrylic mixed-media works on canvas. A distinctive part of her creative process involves painting the majority of her work solely with her hands and an absence of tools to allow for a greater connection to her materials. Her most recent body of work serves as a visual, textural, and emotive expression of written word. In these pieces, she has sought to translate the undercurrent of feeling from her original poetry into large-sized visual artworks. The written work is heavy with metaphor, imagery, and color reference. In the process of translating this poetry into visual images, she begins with a complete abstraction based in the underlying emotion and rhythm of the written piece, and then slowly draws out form organically, but only where it remains true to the original impulse of the work. In doing so, she has created a diverse array of images varying from entirely abstracted conglomerations of color, to dramatically textured pieces meant to play with light, and also to works with clearly identifiable form.

Elizabeth was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but was raised in Northern California. The colors and forms in the landscape surrounding her during childhood still impacts her aesthetic choices during her creative process. She returned to Georgia in her young adulthood however, and attended the University of Georgia , receiving a B.A. in Art/Art History. After teaching art and various elementary grades for several years, she found herself recently exploring the Houston art scene after settling here a few years ago. She is developing her presence here in Houston, and will have a website coming soon!