Sheridan Bradshaw

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I am a mother, a horse back riding instructor and an artist. Art is something I dove back into after having my twins. It has always been something in my life but after becoming a mom, it became my therapy. Making art is a way to maintain who I am regardless of what roles I take on at each stage of my life.

My work has always represented a contrast between right and left brain which is very much a personal struggle. I am incredibly analytical and logical in my thinking and simultaneously an imaginative empath. In school I was in both a digital art class and anatomy and physiology in the same semester. I found myself incorporating the structures and systems I was studying into my art projects. The structures and how perfectly they functioned was fascinating and beautiful. Anatomical subjects have been a part of my work since that semester. As I have worked to get out of my comfort zone, I have found new ways to represent this contrast. As of late, subjects in geometric patterns with color and movement have moved to the forefront of my work. I want my art to speak to both sides of the brain. I work primarily in acrylic but also work with mixed media, epoxy and graphite.