Liam Shaw

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Houston artist Liam Shaw uses a variety of mediums to explore subcultures and their connections, or lack of connections, to society. He is drawn to exploring wide-ranging aspects of humanity and the ways those aspects are publicly perceived and judged.

Shaw is passionate about research. He spends long hours reading, viewing and listening to all types of media. When something catches his interest he’s compelled to delve into it completely, to dissect its impact on himself and others. That archive of research, both words and images, is what informs his art. Shaw’s work is based on the connections he sees, often between seemingly disparate subjects, in different cultures and subcultures. He pairs and contrasts images and text in ways that seem odd and uncomfortable, yet familiar.

Shaw’s most recent work experiments with divergent materials, including industrial and building components, and different printmaking techniques, using both their texture and unexpectedness to transfer thoughts as well as images.