Karin Little

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I’m a High School Art teacher by day and a clay artist in my free time. I make functional pottery, ceramic sculpture, ceramic tiles and tile murals. I learned to throw at Texas Lutheran University and continued my art education at the University of Houston. My personal work is a fusion of pottery and sculpture. I am drawn to imagery that is both beautiful and disturbing. I often use snakes, dragons, scorpions and other dangerous beauties in my work because I find them both elegant and terrifying. They pose an obvious threat while simultaneously being alluring. To me they represent a duality of the feminine, both sensual and dangerous, and they demand respect. Flowers and skulls and things that remind me of the ephemeral nature of this life are recurring themes. Creepy, or lovely? You decide.

My love of Spanish tile took me to Spain to study public tile installation work and community murals. I have designed and created many ceramic tile murals that are installed on both private and public property in the Houston area. My mission is to share my love of community art and my passion for creating ceramic artwork with my students and the public.